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It is the time for new generation of Joint Mining

We offer a variety of earning opportunities for crypto-miners. btopmining.com developed a new generation of mining technology which could reduce mining costs by 250%. btopmining.com provides co-location hosting for your equipment and joint mining service.


We accept major cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin and altcoins.

Unlimited hash power

You will never see Out of Stock in btopmining.com. Open a new contract anytime you want.

Safe & Secure accounting

Our platform is designed by a team of experts. Your security is our first priority.

100% Transparency

You can monitor your equipment with your user interface. No hidden trick.

Highest affiliate commission

5 Levels affiliate program and even more commission for our representatives.

Co-location solution new

Heavily-discounted stock and custom Hosting plans for your crypto-mining equipment.

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Miners partnership program

Our clients can make more money from our affiliate program once they become real partners of the company. We are a successful and established company. This means that apart from participating in our affiliate program, you can also build a global business with our partnership. We encourage customers to take advantage of affiliate program and earn more through the receipt of interest. Member participation has been simplified. To qualify for the referral commission, you only need to have purchased hash power.

12 %

standard commission

create your account as normal user

Up to 20.0 %

representative commission

create your account as representative