Affiliate Program

Our clients can make more money from our affiliate program once they become real partners of the company. We are a successful and established company. This means that apart from participating in our affiliate program, you can also build a global business with our partnership. We encourage customers to take advantage of affiliate program and earn more through the receipt of interest. Member participation has been simplified. To qualify for the referral commission, you only need to have purchased hash power.

5% commission

for individual accounts

Individual account defines as whom register in website. This benefit is general and provides 5 levels affiliate commission to all members with no restriction or limit. Commissions will be credited as your available balance which can be used for re-purchase or withdraw.

20% commission

for representative accounts pays up to 20% affiliate benefits to approved representatives. It takes 48 to 72 hours for us to review your application after your submission. Anybody can apply to become a representative. So don't waste time and apply today.

Become a regional representative

Please contact for application.

In order to become our company's Regional Representative you have to have the ability to support and promote in your region, by organizing seminars, blog post, videos etc.

Using various ways to refer your friends and get commission !

Purchase hash power and mine cryptocurrency while staying at home. Refer your friends or colleagues to this awesome platform to earn extra on top of your daily mining profit.