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of webinars
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your blog
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What is a TBT token?

TBT token is a credit which will accurate in your account after completing the bounty tasks. TBT tokens are not available for immediate cash out however they boost your income and help you to gain profit even if you do not have an active machine in your account. The current value of each TBT token is $0.10.

facebook share



what to do

  • Sign up to the
  • Share your affiliate link on Facebook with your friends.
  • Let your post get at least 5 likes.
  • Submit the form below for review.

Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited, all violated accounts will be exclided from participation.

facebook share
twitter share

twitter share



what to do

  • Sign up to the
  • Share your affiliate link on Twitter
  • Make sure your twitter account has at least 20 followers
  • Submit the form below for review

your blog or website



what to do

Write an article about and your experience with us on your website or personal blog. Your article must have the following criteria to qualify for rewards.

  • The article must contain at least 4000 characters.
  • The article must contain at least 3 pictures or chart.
  • The article should contain at least 2 links to the website
  • The article should be unique and interesting for the reader.

Please do not delete the article even after checking the job. In case of deletion, the result will be canceled.
Plagiarism, including translation of articles from other users into another language, is PROHIBITED.
Submit the form below for review after you have done with your article.


inviting friends



what to do

  • Using your affiliate links, invite your friends to join
  • No review or submission needed for this task. Your affiliate bonus will be credited to your account automatically.
  • For more information please check out our partnership page

organize webinars



Your webminar must meet the following criteria.

    The duration of the video should be more than 3 minutes.
    The video should show your face.
    The video should be footage from the site
    The video should be interesting and creative.
    The video should show some of your actions (Purchase, withdrawal, the performance of bounty).
    The video should contain a story about the company and your experience with it.
    Any creativity and use of technologies are welcomed (dynamic installation, corporate style, integration of video inserts, shooting in an unusual place, use of a selfie stick or shooting from 1 person).


organize a conference



what are the guidlines

  • Organize a conference in your city dedicated to
  • Invite at least 50 people to the conference.
  • Tell about working with to conference guests.
  • Make a photo/video report about the conference.

  • Extra benefits:

    For the conference, you will receive a cash reward of up to $25,000. The more people come to your conference, the more reward you get.
    Depending on the quality and scale of the conference, you will receive up to 5,000 REX to account.
    Before the conference, please contact our support team. We will help you and provide you with all the necessary materials.
    Submit your video for verification and review, your cash rewards along with your tokens will be credited to your account in less than 24 hours.
    As a courtesy conference organizers will get reimbursement for all the expenses.

video review



what to do

  • Record a video review, where you talk about
  • The video should show your face.
  • Video must be at least HD 720p quality (1280x720).
  • The minimum video length is 30 seconds.
  • Upload the video to YouTube.
  • The description and name of the video should contain keywords to optimize the search for this topic.
  • Leave the link to the website in the description.
  • Post the video in your social network.

  • ATTENTION: Do not delete the video. If you delete the video, this action will be regarded as fraud.
    Checking this task Bounty is carried out in manual mode and can take up to 72 hours.

video review

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